1) How long can Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies last?
The cookies can be kept well for up to 2 weeks in an airtight container or sealed. We do not recommend keeping the cookies in the fridge.

2) Are there any allergens in the cookies?
They may be traces of nuts, gluten & dairy in all our cookies. 

3) Why does cookie cake orders require a lead time?Why are my cookie cake orders sometimes rejected?
Cookie cakes takes a while to bake, cool and decorate. We also want to ensure the quality & accuracy of the piped decorations for you & your loved ones to enjoy! Addressing the latter question, orders might be rejected due to peak periods and full baking slots. Sorry!

4) I am vegetarian. Is the cookies vegetarian-friendly?
Our cookies contain milk and eggs. They are meat-free and do not contain onions and garlic.

5) Where can I find Famous Amos outlets? Which outlet is close to me?
Store locations can be found here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/pages/store-locator

6) What are the opening hours?
Opening hours can be found here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/pages/store-locator

7) Do you do international deliveries?
We only offer delivery to Singaporean addresses. More info on deliveries here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/pages/delivery-policy

*During sales and festive seasons, do take note that there may be delays in deliveries as we sort through high volume of orders & work to get each order packed accurately.

8) How much is delivery?
Delivery charges can be found here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/pages/delivery-policy

9) How long does it take to receive my orders?
Delivery timeline & scheduling can be found here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/pages/delivery-policy. Customised message cookies, lollies and cookie cakes require a 3 day* lead time. 

(*Lead time changes during the festive season, i.e. 5 days+ for Christmas.)

10) Where can I find my order updates?
You will receive an order confirmation once your order has been received. A second email will be sent to you once the order has been fulfilled and shipped out. You may check the status of your order online anytime in your account profile page if you have registered as a customer.

11) How do I earn Cookie Club points?
Online Store: Simply checkout with your phone number on our website to earn Cookie Club points.
Retail Outlets: Provide your phone number at the checkout before payment to earn Cookie Club points.

12) How do I check on my Cookie Club points?
You may log in to this page to check on your points. More info on Cookie Club here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/pages/cookie-club

13) I would like to do a corporate gifting order. Who do I contact?
Do reach out to us via corporate@famous-amos.com.sg. A relevant team would get back to you via email.

14) I would like to buy physical vouchers. What is the validity period?
It is a fixed period of 1 year, from the date of purchase.

15) I have received a voucher. Where can I find the validity of the voucher?
The validity is stated on the back of the physical voucher & stated in the emails for e-gift vouchers.

16) I would like to purchase the vouchers as gifting. Does it come with envelopes?
We do provide envelopes for voucher gifting.

17) I would like to have a gift card delivered with my purchase. How do I add it in?
Gift cards are available for purchase for an additional $1.20. It is available as an add-on option on most* product pages (*i.e. not available to some products).

18) I have purchased e-gift vouchers for my friends. After sharing it with them, how do they redeem the vouchers? 
E-gift voucher details are here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/products/e-gift-voucher

19) Why do some outlets not accept e-gift vouchers? 
E-gift vouchers are not accepted in outlets. More details here: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/products/e-gift-voucher

19) What is the Refund Policy?
There will strictly be no refunds for any purchase made via our website or in-stores. Cash and product vouchers are not exchangeable for cash or refunded in part of cash. Management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and at its sole discretion.