About Us

Since 1975, Famous Amos has been Singapore's go-to for freshly baked, handcrafted cookies. Our legendary cookies boasts that irresistible crunch and melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction that generations have loved. 

Beyond the iconic crunchy cookie flavours you know and love, we've expanded our menu with chunky delights, fluffy muffins, brownies and more. Craving something extra? We've partnered with Milk & Cookies to bring you the ultimate indulgence: creamy milkshakes and decadent soft serve ice cream that pair perfectly with our cookies. It's the ultimate duo – a timeless classic reimagined for a modern twist.

Need a smile, a perfect perk-me-up or the ideal gift for any special occasion? Pop into one of our 16 conveniently located stores across Singapore. Our cookies are the perfect treat to share with friends, family or simply indulge in yourself. They're guaranteed to bring back happy memories and create new ones!